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Associate Organizations

RSA Associate Organizations play an important role in the society. Associate Organizations sponsor up to five sessions at RSA conferences. A representative from the organization serves on the RSA Council, one function of which is the promotion of professional development in Renaissance studies.

Each Associate Organization has one (and only one) RSA representative: the representative must be an RSA member in good standing and is responsible for organizing and submitting sponsored conference sessions. Associate Organizations must send a representative to the annual council meeting, which is held during the RSA annual meeting, at least once every two years.

For information about applying for associate status, please contact Mary Quinlan-McGrath (mquinlan [at], Chair of Associate Organizations and International Cooperation. Associate Organizations do not pay a separate membership fee to RSA; the only requirements are that the representative be a member in good standing and attends the council meeting at least once every two years. Applications for Associate Organization status must first be approved by the RSA Executive Board and then at the next meeting of the RSA Council.

A list of inactive Associate Organizations can be found here. If your group was formerly an active Associate Organization and you’d like to be returned to active status, please contact us.

Below is a list of the active RSA Associate Organizations with the current representative. Associate Organizations: please contact Erika Suffern in the RSA office if the representative has changed.

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(Click on the name of the organization to follow the link to their website)


American Boccaccio Association

Representative: Timothy Kircher
Email: tkircher [at]

American Cusanus Society

Representative: David C. Albertson
Email: dalberts [at]

Amici Thomae Mori (Moreana)

Representative: Marie-Claire Phélippeau
Email: moreana.editor [at]

Andrew Marvell Society

Representative: Martin Dzelzainis
Email: md240 [at]

Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS)

Representative: Sharonah Fredrick
Email: Ixqiq7 [at]
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The Association for Textual Scholarship in Art History (ATSAH)

Representative: Liana De Girolami Cheney
Email: lianacheney [at]

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Bibliographical Society of America

Representative: Caroline Duroselle-Melish
Email: cdmelish [at]


Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies / Sociéte canadienne d’études de la Renaissance

Representative: John Nassichuk
Email: jnassich [at]

Center for Early Modern Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Representative: Ullrich Langer
Email: ulanger [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, California State University, Long Beach

Representative: M. Barbara Mello
Email: barbara.mello [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, The Ohio State University

Representative: Graeme M. Boone
Email: boone.44 [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University

Representative: Sara van den Berg
Email: vandens [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

Representative: Massimo Ciavolella
Email:ciavolel [at], cmrs [at]
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Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Aberdeen

Representative: Andrew Gordon
Email: a.gordon [at]

Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto

Representative: Ethan Matt Kavaler
Email: matt.kavaler [at]

Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (CREMS), Queen Mary, University of London

Representative: Kate J. P. Lowe
Email: k.j.p.lowe [at]

Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at the University of Warwick, UK

Representative: Ingrid A. De Smet
Email: [a]

Centro Cicogna

Representative: Matteo Soranzo
Email: matteo.soranzo [at]

The Cervantes Society of America

Representative: David A. Boruchoff
Email: david.boruchoff [at]

The Charles Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe

Representative: Earle A. Havens
Email: earle.havens [at]

The Chemical Heritage Foundation

Representative: Carin Berkowitz
Email: cberkowitz [at]

Chicago Area Faculty Renaissance Seminar

Representative: Richard Strier
Email: rastrier [at]

Columbia University Seminar in the Renaissance

Representative: Cynthia Pyle
Email: c.m.pyle [at]

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Dante Society of America

Representative: Deborah Parker
Email: dwp7k [at]

Duke University Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Representative: Valeria Finucci
Email: vfinucci [at]

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Early Modern Image and Text Society (EMIT)

Representative: Juan Pablo Gil-Oslé
Email: jgilosle [at]

EMoDiR (Research Group in Early Modern Religious Dissents and Radicalism)

Representative: Stefano Villani
Email: villani [at]

Early Modern Women Research Network, University of Newcastle, Australia (EMWRN)

Representative: Rosalind L. Smith
Email: ros.smith [at]

Epistémè (Research group on early modern England)

Representative: Christine Sukic
Email: christine.sukic [at]

Erasmus of Rotterdam Society

Representative: Eric Macphail
Email: macphai [at]

European Architectural History Network (EAHN)

Representative: Saundra L. Weddle
Email: sweddle [at]

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Fédération internationale des sociétés et des instituts pour l’étude de la Renaissance (FISIER)

Representative: Eugenio Refini
Email: erefini1 [at]

The Folger Institute

Representative: Kathleen Lynch
Email: lynch [at]

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Group for Early Modern Cultural Analysis (GEMCA)

Representative: Agnès Guiderdoni
Email: agnes.guiderdoni [at]

Grupo de estudios sobre la mujer en Espana y las Americas (GEMELA)

Representative: Nieves Baranda
Email: nbaranda [at]

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Hagiography Society

Representative: Sara Ritchey
Email: ritchey[at]

Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel

Representative: Mara R. Wade
Email: mwade [at]

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library

Representative: Daniel K. Gullo
Email: dgullo [at]

Historians of Netherlandish Art

Representative: Stephanie S. Dickey
Email: [at]

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The Indiana University Program of Renaissance Studies

Representative: Massimo Scalabrini
Director of Renaissance Studies
Associate Professor of Italian
Email: mscalabr [at]

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, UK

Representative: Dario Tessicini
Email: dario.tessicini [at]

The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions

Representative: Alain Touwaide
Email: research [at]

The International Charles de Bovelles Society

Representative: Tamara Albertini
Email: tamaraa [at]

International Association for Thomas More Scholarship

Representative: Donald Gilman
Email: dgilman [at]

International Margaret Cavendish Society

Representative: Lisa Walters
Email: elizabeth.walters [at]

International Medieval Sermon Studies Society

Representative: George Ferzoco
Email: g.ferzoco [at]

International Sidney Society

Representative: Robert Stillman
Email: rstillma [at]

International Spenser Society

Representative: J. K. Barret
Email: jkbarret [at]

Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University

Representative: David Freedberg
Email: daf5 [at]

The Italian Art Society

Representative: Sheryl Reiss
Email: sherylreiss8 [at]


Representative: William Bowen
Email: william.bowen [at]

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The John Donne Society

Representative: Kirsten Stirling
Email: KirstenAnne.Stirling [at]

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Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies

Representative: Arthur F. Kinney
Email: afkinney [at]

The Medici Archive Project, Inc. (MAP)

Representative: Alessio Assonitis
Email: assonitis [at]

Medieval-Renaissance Colloquium at Rutgers University

Representative: Jacqueline Miller
Email: jamiller [at]

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Association in Israel

Representative: Zur Shalev
Email: zshalev [at]

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, Purdue

Representative: Silvia Z. Mitchell
Email: mitch131 [at]

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh

Representative: Jennifer Waldron
Email: jwaldron [at]

Milton Society of America

Representative: Stephen M. Fallon
Email: sfallon [at]

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Neapolitan Network

Representative: Melissa Calaresu
Email: mtc12 [at]

Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies

Representative: Shawn M. Keener
Email: shawn.keener [at]

New England Renaissance Conference

Representative: Touba Ghadessi
Email: ghadessi_touba [at]

New York University Seminar on the Renaissance

Representative: Ernest Gilman
Email: ernest.gilman [at]

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Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society

Representative: Erin Kelly
Email: ekelly [at]

Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Representative: Peter Howard
Email: peter.howard [at]

Princeton Renaissance Studies

Representative: Marina Brownlee
Email: msb [at]

Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Michigan

Representative: Helmut Puff
Email: puffh [at]

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Renaissance Conference of Southern California (RCSC)

Representative: Andrew R. Griffin
Email: bryan.givens [at]

Renaissance English Text Society (RETS)

Representative: Susan Felch
Email: felch [at]

Renaissances: Early Modern Literary Studies at Stanford University

Representative: Roland Greene
Email: rgreene [at]

Renaissance Studies Certificate Program, CUNY

Representative: Clare Carroll
Email: ccarroll1 [at]

Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association

Representative: Kristin Bezio
Email: kbezio [at]

Roma nel Rinascimento

Representative: Anna Modigliani
Email: modigliani.anna [at]

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Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP)

Representative: Michael Ullyot
Email: ullyot [at]

Societas Internationalis Studiis Neolatinis Provehendis/ International Association for Neo-Latin Studies

Representative: Craig Kallendorf
Email: kalendrf [at]

Société Française d’Etude du Seizième Siècle (SFDES)

Representative: Gary Ferguson
Email: ferguson [at]

The Society for Confraternity Studies

Representative: Diana Bullen Presciutti
Email: dpresciutti [at]

The Society for Court Studies

Representative: Malcolm Smuts
Emails: malcolm.smuts [at]

Society for Emblem Studies

Representative: Tamara Goeglein
Email: Tamara.Goeglein [at]

Society of Fellows (SOF) of the American Academy in Rome (AAR)

Representative: Stephanie C. Leone

Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (SMRP)

Representative: Donald F. Duclow

Society for Reformation Studies

Representative: Jon Balserak
Email: J.Balserak [at]

Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry

Representative: Elizabeth B. Davis
Emails: davis.823 [at]

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (EMW)

Representative: Sara Matthews-Grieco
Email: smatth01 [at]

South Central Renaissance Conference (SCRC)

Representative: Brendan Prawdzik
Email: bprawdzi [at]

Southeastern Renaissance Conference

Representative: Emily Stockard
Email: stockard [at]

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Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (TACMRS)

Representative: Juo-Yung Lee
Email: jylee [at]

Toronto Renaissance Reformation Colloquium (TRRC)

Representative: Elizabeth S. Cohen
Email: ecohen [at]

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UCL Center for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL)

Representative: Matthew Symonds
Email: m.symonds [at]

University of North Texas Medieval and Renaissance Colloquium (MRC)

Representative: Kevin Curran
Email: kcurran [at]

University of Pennsylvania Medieval and Renaissance Seminar

Representative: Melissa Sanchez
Email: sanchezm [at]


Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

Representative: Jonathan K. Nelson
Email: jnelson [at]


Yale University Renaissance Studies

Representative: Angela Capodivacca
Email: angela.capodivacca [at]

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