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Discipline Representatives

Discipline Representatives are elected every three years for twenty-five disciplines in Renaissance studies. Most disciplines have one representative, but the larger fields of History, History of Art and Architecture, and English Literature each have three representatives. Each member of the RSA selects a primary discipline group upon joining, but can join other groups as well.

These are the expectations for the position. First, and most importantly, a Discipline Representative will encourage and organize panels for the annual meeting, and submit them to the RSA submission site. Such panels will be accepted without further vetting as long as the panels comply with the RSA guidelines. Second, Discipline Representatives make up the Editorial Advisory Board for Renaissance Quarterly and are listed on the journal’s masthead; the Editorial Advisory Board is an invaluable resource for the RQ Articles Editor and the RQ Reviews Editor. Finally, some Discipline Representatives engage the members registered in their discipline through their discipline’s group pages on the RSA website. Discipline Representatives are convened by the Society’s President at the annual meeting and also attend a meeting with the RQ editors.

A Discipline Representative is elected for a three-year term and can, after consultation with the Board, run for a second term.

Discipline Representatives 2012–14

Ricardo Padrón
History of Political and Legal Thought
Dennis Romano

Comparative Literature
Jessica Wolfe
History of Religion
Irena Backus

Digital Humanities
Monique O’Connell
History of Science and Medicine
Monica Azzolini

Mara R. Wade
Margaret Meserve

English Literature
Robert Miola
Karen Nelson
James A. Knapp

Islamic World
Kaya Sahin

French Literature
Tom Conley
Italian Literature
Walter Stephens

Germanic Literature
Ann Marie Rasmussen
Kate Van Orden

Bernard Dov Cooperman
Neo-Latin Literature
Jan Papy

Hispanic Literature
Laura R. Bass
Performing Arts and Theatre
Linda Phyllis Austern

Peter Arnade
Kathleen M. Comerford
Katrina Olds

Lodi Nauta

History of Art and Architecture
Karen-edis Barzman
Tracy E. Cooper
John Paoletti
Peter Mack

History of the Book, Paleography, and Manuscript Tradition
Andrew Pettegree
Women and Gender Studies
Diana Robin

History of Classical Tradition
Timothy Kircher

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