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Associate Organizations
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RSA Associate Organizations play an important role in the Society. Associate Organizations sponsor up to five sessions at RSA conferences. A representative from the organization serves on the RSA Council, one function of which is the promotion of professional development in Renaissance studies.
Each Associate Organization has one RSA representative: the representative must be an RSA member in good standing and is responsible for organizing and submitting sponsored conference sessions. Associate Organizations must send a representative to the annual Council meeting at least once every two years.
For information about applying for associate status, please contact Mary Quinlan-McGrath (mquinlan [at], Chair of Associate Organizations and International Cooperation.
A list of inactive Associate Organizations can be found here. If your group was formerly an active Associate Organization and you'd like to be returned to active status, please contact us.


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(Click on the name of the organization to follow the link to their website)


American Boccaccio Association

Representative: Michael Papio
Email: papio [at]

American Cusanus Society

Representative: David C. Albertson
Email: dalberts [at]

Amici Thomae Mori (Moreana)

Representative: Marie-Claire Phélippeau
Email: moreana.editor [at]

Andrew Marvell Society

Representative: Tim Raylor, President
Email: traylor [at]

Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS)

Representative: Erin McCarthy
Email: erin.a.mccarthy [at]
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The Association for Textual Scholarship in Art History (ATSAH)

Representative: Liana De Girolami Cheney
Email: lianacheney [at]

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Bibliographical Society of America

Representative: Caroline Duroselle-Melish
Email: cmelish [at]


Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies / Sociéte canadienne d’études de la Renaissance

Representative: Claude La Charité
Email: claude_la_charite [at]

Center for Early Modern Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Representative: Ullrich Langer
Email: ulanger [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, California State University, Long Beach

Representative: Martine van Elk
Email: Martine.VanElk [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Ohio State University

Representative: Graeme M. Boone
Email: boone.44 [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University

Representative: Sara van den Berg
Email: vandens [at]

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

Representative: Massimo Ciavolella
Email:ciavolel [at], cmrs [at]

Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Aberdeen

Representative: Andrew Gordon
Email: a.gordon [at]

Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto

Representative: Lynne Magnusson
Email: crrs.vic [at]

Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies (CREMS), Queen Mary

Representative: Kate J. P. Lowe
Email: k.j.p.lowe [at]

Centre for the Study of the Renaissance at the University of Warwick, UK

Representative: Ingrid A. De Smet
Email: [a]

Centro Cicogna

Representative: Matteo Soranzo
Email: matteo.soranzo [at]

The Cervantes Society of America

Representative: David A. Boruchoff
Email: david.boruchoff [at]

The Charles Singleton Center for the Study of Premodern Europe

Representative: Christopher Celenza
Email: celenza [at]

The Chemical Heritage Foundation

Representative: Carin Berkowitz
Email: cberkowitz [at]

Chicago Area Faculty Renaissance Seminar

Representative: Richard Strier
Email: rastrier [at]

Columbia University Seminar in the Renaissance

Representative: Alan Stewart
Email: ags2105 [at]

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Duke University Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Representative: Valeria Finucci
Email: vfinucci [at]

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Early Modern Image and Text Society (EMIT)

Representative: Juan Pablo Gil-Oslé
Email: jgilosle [at]

Early Modern Women Research Network, University of Newcastle, Australia (EMWRN)

Representative: Rosalind L. Smith
Email: ros.smith [at]

Epistémè (Research group on early modern England)

Representative: Christine Sukic
Email: christine.sukic [at]

Erasmus of Rotterdam Society

Representative: Eric Macphail
Email: macphai [at]

European Architectural History Network (EAHN)

Representative: Saundra L. Weddle
Email: sweddle [at]

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Fédération internationale des sociétés et des instituts pour l'étude de la Renaissance (FISIER)

Representative: Ingrid A. R. De Smet
Email: [at]

The Folger Institute

Representative: Kathleen Lynch
Email: lynch [at]

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Group for Early Modern Cultural Analysis (GEMCA)

Representative: Agnès Guiderdoni-Bruslé
Email: agnes.guiderdoni [at]

Grupo de estudios sobre la mujer en Espana y las Americas (pre-1800) (GEMELA)

Representative: Dana Bultman
Email: dbultman [at]

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Hagiography Society

Representative: Alison K. Frazier
Email: AlisonKFrazier [at]

Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbüttel

Representative: Mara R. Wade
Email: mwade [at]

Historians of Netherlandish Art

Representative: Stephanie S. Dickey
Email: [at]

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The Indiana University Program of Renaissance Studies

Representative: Massimo Scalabrini
Director of Renaissance Studies
Associate Professor of Italian
Email: mscalabr [at]

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Durham University, UK

Representative: Dario Tessicini
Email: dario.tessicini [at]

The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions

Representative: Alain Touwaide
Email: research [at]

The International Charles de Bovelles Society

Representative: Tamara Albertini
Email: tamaraa [at]

International Margaret Cavendish Society

Representative: James Fitzmaurice
Email: Jim.fitzmaurice [at]

International Medieval Sermon Studies Society

Representative: George Ferzoco
Email: g.ferzoco [at]

International Sidney Society

Representative: Robert Stillman
Email: rstillma [at]

International Spenser Society

Representative: Melissa Sanchez
Email: sanchezm [at]

Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University

Representative: David Freedberg
Email: daf5 [at]

The Italian Art Society

Representative: Sheryl Reiss
Email: sherylreiss8 [at]


Representative: William Bowen
Email: william.bowen [at]

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The John Donne Society

Representative: Graham Roebuck
Email: roebuck [at]

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Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies

Representative: Arthur F. Kinney
Email: afkinney [at]

The Medici Archive Project, Inc. (MAP)

Representative: Elena Brizio
Email: elena_brizio [at]

Medieval-Renaissance Colloquium at Rutgers University

Representative: Jacqueline Miller
Email: jamiller [at]

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Association in Israel

Representative: Zur Shalev
Email: zshalev [at]

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, Purdue

Representative: Silvia Z. Mitchell
Email: mitch131 [at]

Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, University of Pittsburgh

Representative: Jennifer Waldron
Email: jwaldron [at]

Milton Society of America

Representative: Feisal G. Mohamed
Email: fgm [at]

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Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies

Representative: Carla Zecher
Email: renaissance [at]

New England Renaissance Conference

Representative: Touba Ghadessi
Email: ghadessi_touba [at]

New York University Seminar on the Renaissance

Representative: Ernest Gilman
Email: ernest.gilman [at]

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Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society

Representative: Gretchen Minton
Email: gretchen.minton [at]

Prato Consortium for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Representative: Peter Howard
Email: peter.howard [at]

Princeton Renaissance Studies

Representative: Marina Brownlee
Email: msb [at]

Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Michigan

Representative: Helmut Puff
Email: puffh [at]

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Renaissance Conference of Southern California (RCSC)

Representative: Martine van Elk
Email: Martine.vanElk [at]

Renaissance English Text Society (RETS)

Representative: Victoria Burke
Email: vburke [at]

Renaissances: Early Modern Literary Studies at Stanford University

Representative: Roland Greene
Email: rgreene [at]

Renaissance Studies Certificate Program, CUNY

Representative: Clare Carroll
Email: ccarroll1 [at]

Research Group in Early Modern Religious Dissents and Radicalism (EMoDiR)

Representative: Stefano Villani
Email: villani [at] [at]

Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association

Representative: Kristin Bezio
Email: kbezio [at]

Roma nel Rinascimento

Representative: Anna Modigliani
Email: Modigliani.anna [at]

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Sixteenth-Century Society and Conference (SCSC)

Representative: Donald J. Harreld
Email: donald_harreld [at]

Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP)

Representative: Michael Ullyot
Email: ullyot [at]

Societas Internationalis Studiis Neolatinis Provehendis/ International Association for Neo-Latin Studies

Representative: Craig Kallendorf
Email: kalendrf [at]

Société Française d’Etude du Seizième Siècle (SFDES)

Representative: Gary Ferguson
Email: ferguson [at]

The Society for Confraternity Studies

Representative: Diana Bullen Presciutti
Email: dpresciutti [at]

The Society for Court Studies

Representative: Malcolm Smuts
Emails: malcolm.smuts [at]

Society for Early Modern Catholic Studies

Representative: Maria del Pilar Ryan
Email: pilar.ryan [at]

Society for Emblem Studies

Representative: Tamara Goeglein
Email: Tamara.Goeglein [at]

Society of Fellows (SOF) of the American Academy in Rome (AAR)

Representative: Stephanie C. Leone

Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (SMRP)

Representative: Donald F. Duclow

Society for Reformation Studies

Representative: Jon Balserak
Email: J.Balserak [at]

Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry

Representative: Elizabeth B. Davis
Emails: davis.823 [at]

Society for Renaissance Studies, United Kingdom

Representative: Peter Mack
Email: P.W.D.Mack [at]

Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (EMW)

Representative: Sara Matthews-Grieco
Email: smatth01 [at]

South Central Renaissance Conference (SCRC)

Representative: Irving Kelter
Email: kelter [at]

Southeastern Renaissance Conference

Representative: Emily Stockard
Email: stockard [at]

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Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (TACMRS)

Representative: Prof. I-Chun Wang
Email: icwang [at]

Toronto Renaissance Reformation Colloquium (TRRC)

Representative: Elizabeth S. Cohen
Email: ecohen [at]

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UCL Center for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL)

Representative: Matthew Symonds
Email: m.symonds [at] [at]

University of Pennsylvania Medieval and Renaissance Seminar

Representative: Melissa Sanchez
Email: sanchezm [at]


Villa I Tatti, The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies

Representative: Jonathan K. Nelson
Email: jnelson [at]


Yale University Renaissance Studies

Representative: Angela Capodivacca
Email: angela.capodivacca [at]

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