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Member FAQ

Signing in and managing your RSA profile

How can I sign in to the site?

If you think you know your username, select “Forgot your password?” below the sign in form. This will send a message to your email address on file with a link that takes you back to the site to reset your password. If you don't know your username (hint: try your email address) please contact RSA for assistance.

I requested a password reset email from the site, but I never received it. What happened?

The password reset email is sent to the email address in your member profile. If your email address has changed, you’ll need to check the old email address if you still have access to it. If you can’t access the email, contact us for assistance. If you’re sure the email address on file is correct, please check your spam folder for the password reset email. You should also add as a safe address in your email program, so that messages from RSA are not sent to spam. Once you successfully sign in and have access to your profile, go to Edit Bio under Manage Profile to update your contact information.

I thought I updated my contact information, but it’s still wrong in my member profile. What happened?

You may have entered new contact information during a billing transaction, but doing so does not update your contact details in your member profile. To update your profile details, sign in and then go to Edit Bio under Manage Profile. Please make sure there is a valid address in your profile, and that you have selected either “home” or “employer” in the mailing address field. Be sure to hit “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

My affiliation is wrong in the conference program. How do I change it?

Sign in to your RSA account and go to Edit Bio under Manage Profile. Update your affiliation in the organization field in the professional information area. The affiliation will update in the program within forty-eight hours. 

My profile says that my primary discipline is History of Religion, but I’d like to change it to History. How do I do that? And what are discipline groups anyway?

RSA has twenty-five officially recognized disciplines, and each of these has its own group and group pages on the website. The discipline group pages allow members of those disciplines to connect and communicate with each other. Members have one primary discipline, but may join as many discipline groups as desired. To change your primary discipline from History of Religion to History, you must first join the History discipline group. Sign in, then go to Group Permissions and select Discipline. Click on the History group, and on the next page click on Join Group near the top of the page. Now go back to Groups under My Profile. Under Primary Group Management, you are now able to select History as your primary discipline group. If you want to remove yourself from the History of Religion group, return to Group Permissions, click on Discipline, and then History of Religion, and under Options, select Leave Group. 

Membership renewal and auto-renewal

My membership expired and I want to become a member again. What should I do?

If you know your login, just sign in to the site and follow the prompt to renew. If you don’t see a prompt, go to Membership Info under My Profile. If you don’t know your login, try resetting the password or getting assistance from RSA. Please do not register as a new member if you have been a member in the past.

I just renewed my membership but I got a confirmation notice that my membership expires in just a few months. I thought it would be good for a year. What’s going on?

All RSA memberships are for the calendar year and expire on 31 December each year. We alert members to this by including this information on our membership renewal pages and in renewal notices. Memberships transacted anytime after 1 November are applied to the following year, but member benefits begin immediately.

I read something about auto-renew when I was renewing my membership. What if I don’t want my membership to auto-renew?

For the convenience of members, all memberships transacted with a credit card are set to auto-renew. As long as the credit card on file has not changed or expired, dues will be transacted on 31 December for the following year’s dues payment. If you don’t want your membership to renew, you can easily cancel the pending auto-renew payment anytime before it is transacted. Sign in to the site, and go to Membership Info under My Profile. In the list of transactions you will see an awaiting auto-bill. Click the red X next to this payment to cancel it.

I have an awaiting auto-bill for auto-renewal of my membership, but I prefer to renew manually. Is that possible?

No problem. Just cancel the awaiting auto-bill by clicking the red X next to it. Once you do so, a link to manually renew your dues will appear on the same page, as long as it is after 1 November.

I have an awaiting auto-bill, but I want to renew for a different category of membership. How do I do that?

To change membership categories, cancel your auto-bill before it is transacted on 31 December. Sign in to the site, and go to Membership Info under My Profile. In the list of transactions you will see an awaiting auto-bill. Click the red X next to this payment to cancel it. Once the auto-bill is canceled, you will need to manually renew in the new membership category anytime after 1 November for the following year’s dues. You will be re-enrolled in auto-renew for the next year in the new category.

I accidentally canceled my awaiting auto-bill, but I do want to renew my membership. What do I do?

Unfortunately the awaiting auto-bill cannot be re-created once canceled, so you’ll need to manually renew. The link to renew your membership will appear on your Membership Info page after 1 November. After you renew, you'll be re-enrolled in auto-renew for the following year.

I’m on the Membership Info page, but there’s no link to renew. How do I renew?

There are two possibilities. If it is before 1 November, you cannot renew yet. If you do not have an awaiting auto-bill, the link to renew will only appear on this page after 1 November. The other possibility is that there is no link to renew because you have an awaiting auto-bill in your transaction list. Our system prevents the duplicate payment of dues by not allowing you to manually renew if you have a pending auto-renewal. To renew right away, just cancel the pending payment and you’ll see a link to renew.

I received a notice that my auto-bill for membership renewal could not be processed, and that my membership had expired. How can I renew my membership?

Sign in to your RSA account, and then go to the Membership Info page under My Profile. If your auto-renew transaction was unsuccessful, you will see an open (unpaid) transaction in the list of transactions. Click the credit card icon next to the open transaction to provide the necessary information to complete the transaction. If the auto-bill was declined some time ago, the failed transaction may have already been deleted by an administrator; in that case, you will see a link to renew on the Membership Info page.

Documents and receipts

I can't find my receipts for membership dues and conference registration. Can I download those from the website?

Yes! Sign in, and go to Manage Profile. Find Invoicing, Payments & History, where you can download paid invoices for any membership, conference, and donation payments you’ve made on the RSA website.

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